About Us

Dave Evans

Dave (also known as SuperDave) is a co-host and co-creator of the Are You Kidding Me? show. He's an energetic, insightful, family man; a huge Star Wars fan; a lover of comics, movies, music, and entertainment; a 501st member; the holder of two ministry degrees; athletic; and just sarcastic enough to make you smile, but not enough to make you hit him. Dave loves trivia, is fascinated by pop culture, uses run-on sentences, describes himself as very, very good-looking, and is glad he got to write his own bio.

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MATT Ortega

Matt is also a co-host and co-creator of Are You Kidding Me? He is a man of many talents. Growing hair is not one of them. Unlike Dave, Matt has very little energy or insight. He is the proud father of four. Also unlike Dave, people have hit Matt because of his sarcasm.

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Ben Glass

Ben is the show's executive producer. His job is to keep everyone else in line and on schedule. Ben is the husband to Carla the Great and father of three. He's a mega Star Wars fan, a martial artist, and a lover of movies, entertainment, and film editing. Ben once wrote a book that no one read called "Sarcasm: There and Back Again." He dares you to check it out on Amazon.

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Devon Dundee

Devon serves as the technical producer on the show. He makes sure that the episodes Dave and Matt record are delivered to your listening ears. Devon is a media minister, and his favorite hobbies are blogging, working with technology, and spending time with his family (especially his awesome nephews).

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